Paper and Packaging
Paper Business Pitch
Director Vesa Manninen - Reset Productions
Agency Cramer-Krasselt

Case Study

We teamed with Cramer-Krasselt and trade group Paper & Packaging to expand their “How Life Unfolds” campaign, introducing two new animated characters as brand ambassadors. Check out “Box Mission” here!


  • Creative Director Liam Chapple
  • CG Tim Little
  • CG Gary Fouchy
  • CG Josh Merck
  • CG Paolo Cogliati
  • CG Will Lorton
  • Nuke Caroline Pires
  • 2D Michael Sarabia
  • Color Maria Carratero


  • Edit House Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Matthew Wood
  • Assistant Editor Luke Sloma
  • EP Kristin Angeletti
  • Producer Lauren Connolly

Our involvement began by providing advice on the feasibility of the character design and demonstrating how the characters would come across once animated and placed in real-world scenarios. This was achieved by filming scenes reminiscent of the scripts, using lighting and tracking information to put the characters into their respective environments, and then creating detailed animation tests, giving both characters distinct and memorable personalities.

These early tests set the look for the ultimate character behavior and helped client and agency understand everything from the range of movement and physicality to the potential for emotional expression, giving much-needed information before the storyboards and scripts were finalized.

We sent Creative Director Liam Chapple and CG Artist Tim Little to set in South Africa for ten days for VFX supervision, where they worked closely with director Vesa Manninen at Reset. On set, they made technical recommendations for capturing the optimal plates for the post process, captured HDRIs for lighting references, and scanned props to be rebuilt in post.

When it was time to work on the edit, we paired closely with Whitehouse Post editor Matthew Wood, who created parallel edits, layering Manninen’s puppeteering footage over the plates to be used in the final film. It was during this process that we provided a stream of rough animation updates, making feedback faster and more efficient.

Once the edit was locked, the animation style was refined and rendered using lighting references from set to create the final photo-real character animations. Our team of Nuke and Flame compositors worked closely with their CGI and color teammates to ensure that these characters truly occupied each real-world scenario.

In total, we created two :30 TV commercials and five self-directed fully CG films designed specifically for social media, as well as providing assets for the print campaign.