Oscar Mayer
Keep It Oscar
Director Kyle Sauer - Neighborhood Watch
Agency Johannes Leonardo

Case Study

Fresh out of the CG oven comes Oscar Mayer’s ‘Keep It Oscar’. A campaign full of unexpected moments designed to make you smile. ‘Sandwich Bed’ is a beautiful breadtime story, made up of many layers. ‘Laser Eyes’ is full of lightning fast griller looks and a jumping hot-dog, what else were you expecting? Meet the full Editor’s Pick campaign in Creativity.


  • Executive Producer Nick Haynes
  • Producer Krystle Timm
  • VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback
  • Lead CGI Artist Dan Fine
  • Previz Artist Ryan O’Phelan
  • Color Executive Producer Laurie Adrianopoli
  • Color Producer Dan Butler
  • Colorist Aubrey Woodiwiss


  • Brand Kraft Heinz
  • VP, Head of Strategy & Development,
  • Meal Foundations & Coffee Jess Vultaggio
  • VP, General Manager, Oscar Mayer Andrew Louie
  • Director, General Manager, Oscar Mayer Emily Kerschner
  • Associate Director, Marketing Megan Magnuson Lang
  • Sr. Associate Brand Manager Abby Allsop
  • Director Kyle Sauer
  • Production Company Neighborhood Watch
  • Executive Producer Trace Carlson
  • Agency Johannes Leonardo
  • Chief Creative Officer Jan Jacobs
  • Chief Creative Officer Leo Premutico
  • Creative Director Rachel Frederick
  • Creative Director Maclean Jackson
  • Creative Director John Regan
  • Creative Director Bryan Barnes
  • Creative Director Allison Lackey
  • Senior Copywriter Jordan Dodson
  • Senior Art Director Amanda Younger
  • Senior Copywriter Celia Mortlock
  • Design Director Charles Watlington
  • Designer Christina Hillman
  • Director of Creative Resources Camilla Scales
  • Senior Project Manager Sarah Scardillo
  • Head of Production & Operations Maria Perez
  • Group Executive Producer Brett Fisher
  • Senior Producer (Film) Doug Moffitt
  • Senior Producer (Film) Danica Rosen
  • Senior Producer (Film) Miral Patel
  • Senior Producer (Print) Frannie Schultz
  • Producer (Digital) Rose Mahan
  • President Bryan Yasko
  • Managing Director Emily Wilcox
  • Group Account Director Elektra O’Malley
  • Account Director Peter Burgwald
  • Account Supervisor Jocelyn Choi
  • Account Supervisor Joel Bebasa
  • Account Manager Eddy Cao
  • Head of Strategy Mark Aronson
  • Group Strategy Director Emily Elias
  • Senior Strategist Donovan Triplett
  • Head of Communications Strategy Megan Piro
  • Communications Strategy Director Charley Cobbin
  • Communications Strategy Director Adam Van Dyke
  • Business Affairs Director Alesa Blanchard-Nelson
  • Business Affairs Associate Director Cindy Gines
  • Traffic Manager Sargia Green
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Matt Badger
  • Producer Ryan Smith
  • Sound Design Barking Owl


A look inside our CG sandwich

A lighthearted hybrid of a mattress ad and a comically large sambo? Yes please! From R&D and previz to look dev and design, explore the ingredients below.