Director Arnoud Boutin - Legs Media
Agency Sid Lee

Case Study

We were approached by Sid Lee to collaborate on this beautiful piece for Absolut Elyx. The centerpiece of the brand is a copper pineapple, which has long been an international symbol of hospitality. The brief was to take the pineapple through an international journey, evoking the golden age of travel in one continuous shot. 

There was a total of eleven sets that we moved through from left to right, following the copper pineapple on its journey. The technical approach to this was brilliantly simple; a rig linked the camera to the pineapple, underneath, so it remained in the center of frame while the environments moved past it. Each rig was always concealed under the tabletop so no cleanup was required in this regard.

The set for each vignette was shot individually, so our initial challenge was to join each of these plates into one seamless move. We used modes of transportation as foreground wipes to achieve this, using a combination of miniatures and digital matte paintings of an airplane, train, ship, and bus as transitional elements. These devices featured the word “welcome” in various languages as part of their respective liveries.

We applied many subtle enhancements throughout the spot including matte paintings for skies, window reflections, smoke, and rain elements.

Grading played a key role in this spot to differentiate each environment, and numerous passes were made for each setup and combined in Flame. The end result had an interesting mixed media feel; the combination of live action plates, models, and illustration channeling a pleasing retro style.