Live With Confidence
Director The Roos Brothers - Greenpoint Pictures
Agency Ogilvy

Case Study

There may not be any guarantees in life, but with Zippo you can make your own guarantees, light your own path, and live with confidence.
A mammoth campaign featuring mammoth feats directed by The Roos Brothers, from Ogilvy, with a little bit of fire from Carbon.


  • Executive Producer Nick Haynes
  • Head of Production Tia Perkins
  • Producer Sophie Mitchell
  • Lead Artist Matt Reilly
  • 2D Artist Chris Wiseman
  • Design Dmitry Morozov
  • Design Richard Lampasone


  • Brand Zippo
  • Directors The Roos Brothers
  • Production Company Greenpoint Pictures
  • Executive Producer Trevor King
  • Executive Producer Tatiana Rudzinski
  • Head of Production Karen Berkowitz
  • Producer Steve Oare
  • Agency Ogilvy
  • Group Creative Director Darren Urquhart
  • Group Creative Director Thomas Smith
  • Associate Creative Director Ellen O’Donnell
  • Managing Director, Account Management Claire Morris
  • EVP, Account Management Shari Schnall
  • VP, Account Management Francesca Lee
  • Senior Producer Brian Cripe
  • Executive Producer Leslie Dacri
  • Executive Producer Lee Weiss
  • Executive Producer Cindy Rivet
  • Business Affairs Samantha Norvin
  • Business Affairs Heather Weissman
  • Director of Content Production, NY Eric Soloway
  • Head of Production, North America George Sholley
  • Music Producer (licensing) Michael Freeman
  • Music Producer (licensing) Sean Tuccillo
  • Editorial Company Whitehouse Post
  • Editor Russell Icke
  • Assistant Editor Paul Chung
  • Executive Producer Caitlin Grady
  • Producer Liz Stallmeyer
  • Color Company 3
  • Senior Colorist/Head of Color Jean-Clément Soret
  • Senior Colorist Yoomin Lee
  • Executive Producer Ellora Soret
  • Sound Design Wave Studios NY
  • ECD/Sound Designer/Mixer Aaron Reynolds
  • Sound Designer/Mixer Isaac Matus
  • Mixer Austin Ferreira
  • Executive Producer Vicky Ferraro
  • Producer Eleni Giannpoulos
  • Voiceover Chris Fries
  • Casting Director Pamela Fahey