Oculus Rift
Agency We Are Royale

Case Study

Oculus Rift Touch was a partnership between Carbon, We Are Royal, and Facebook to highlight E3’s Touch technology.

We were tasked with creating three game scenarios featuring current games utilizing the Touch technology. The Oculus console is a way for participants to interact with gaming through Virtual Reality. For the spot, we needed to simulate the VR gameplay in a way that made it look better than actual gameplay, without crossing into hyperrealism.

Some of the games we were visualizing were so new that even though we were using assets from the game, we needed to do a lot of work to make them usable for our own animation. Another challenge was that some of the gameplay had yet to be figured out, so we were introducing animation into games that had not yet been produced.

The overall timeframe was very tight—we had 3 weeks to do look development and animate the three scenes, finishing with over 12 seconds worth of animation. Our creative brief and collaboration with the client made the entire process streamlined and seamless.