VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback chats with Post Perspective

From attending shoots and creating beautiful work, to why having a sixth sense for what can possibly go wrong is a good thing, Carbon’s Tobey Lindback caught up with Post Perspective on all the things that go into being a VFX Supervisor.

“We have a great collaborative environment across all three offices at Carbon,” says Tobey. “I am personally involved in many more aspects of jobs that I’ve ever been before. New ideas are welcome, there’s a creative freedom here that we all love.”

With over two decades of experience leading high profile creative work for the likes of Audi, Budweiser, Mercedes, Mountain Dew, Nike and PlayStation, Tobey is known as a trusted on set advisor and for using his sharp eye for color, composition and final picture to forge stunning visuals.

Post Perspective: Talk about what a VFX supervisor does.

“In short, and I’m speaking from an advertising point of view, as a VFX supervisor you are working closely with agencies and directors, together with your producers/executive producers to plan and bid jobs to fit a vision, schedule and budget.

Part of the job is also to attend shoots to ensure that what has been previously agreed upon technically and creatively gets shot in the correct way. This allows for post to run as smoothly as possible and according to schedule.

Overseeing multiple projects and working closely with artists is part of the day to day. Being able to quickly adapt to creative changes, which of course happen fairly often, is a skillset you should hone to perfection.”

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