“Roxanne,” directed & animated by Junior 3D Artist Katie Heady, is a short film about an overly dramatic romance between a pet rock, Roxanne, and a handsome action figure, Dwayne. But things get complicated when Roxanne’s husband gets in the way of their relationship.

Katie is a director, artist, animator, storyteller, CG Generalist and a recent graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design. Growing up as the youngest of three, Katie was always exploring and experimenting with crafts at a young age. Which resulted in collections of rocks and seashell collections, talking to toys, making fairy homes, and lots of scratch marks. From these childhood experiences, one thing that has stuck with Katie is to always have a sense of humor. This has encouraged her to keep telling stories and be herself.

“What inspired me to create this was to make something that would keep me laughing throughout out the entire process,” Katie says. “If I wasn’t having fun, something was wrong.”

“Roxanne” is currently making it’s way through the festival circuit, with appearances in the Melrose Film Festival, Best Short Fest, International Moving Film Festival, and the Alexandria Film Festival.