Lewis Del Mar’s “The Ceiling”

Lewis Del Mar – The Ceiling

Direction & concept from the ever talented Rubberband. at Smuggler, “The Ceiling” was filmed entirely during quarantine, on film on a Bolex camera, in a consecutive 14 hour shot, documenting the day from sunset to sunrise. The recording is punctured with energetic animation, lo-fi projection, and a brilliant color grade from our Director of Color Aubrey Woodiwiss.

On the process of grading this project, Aubrey Woodiwiss says it all started with the negative: “The piece was shot on film so for me it starts with pulling the best out of the negative. Once there, it’s important to get a rich balance out of the practicals, then it was about the small details, pushing and pulling them relevantly. Finally I wanted to give the one take a sense of a journey from start to finish: warmer for the day light top and tail, rich deep reds when they hit. The blue needed to hit once we reach the corridor, and the practicals as mentioned earlier needed to bounce off the environments especially versus the cooler natural day light.”

Read more about Rubberband.’s process on Promonews, or check out the live Q&A from Rubberband, with half of Lewis Del Mar Danny Miller Tuesday May 26th at 4pm EST/1pm PST on the @bwgtbld instagram!