Leo leveraged his art direction and animation skills to join director LACEY in crafting and delivering this poppy piece of eye-candy to VOGUE China.

Leo met Lacey through Kate Owen at Whitehouse Post. “She saw my design portfolio and thought I’d be a great fit for an upcoming Vogue project inspired by the graphic and bold Memphis style of design. She asked me to inject my design and animation sensibility into her vibrant fashion world.”

Lacey was wrapping the Vogue Me (China) shoot “The Intern,” and handling a few other projects in London, so the whole project progressed via email. “Her direction was ‘fun, bold, exciting, energetic.’ She would send me BTS of the set blocks she’d made, and I would reply with animation references, style frames, music, etc. We share similar views, ideas, and creative flair—and she has exceptional taste when utilizing a wild palette—so we had a natural rapport, and the whole project moved smoothly.”

The project needed to take a series of stills and breathe life into them. “We knew we would be working without live action footage—leveraging only still outtakes and shots from the Vogue story.” Leo was inspired by Lacey’s penchant for stop motion; “I borrowed elements from the set, deconstructed the set and assets, and extended those elements through to the animation, breathing new and interesting character and personality through them. Maxime Benjamin of Carbon NY kindly joined in to help with the 3D animation, which ties the visuals back full circle to the shot footage. Lacey created a fantastic and exuberant world—one that I was more than happy to live in for a while.”

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